The Golden-Stell Snowflake


The Golden-Stell Snowflake is extremely rare due to its yellowish coloring and although its H2O purity can not be verified you'll spend hours admiring its magnificence.

This rare Golden-Stell Snowflake is actually a “Stellar Plate Snow Crystal.” These types of snowflakes have six thin plate-like arms and have a shape similar to that of a star. Their faces are often decorated with amazingly elaborate and symmetrical markings. What makes this snowflake so special is it’s rare golden coloring. Spend hours admiring its magnificence through your new snowflake magnifier included free when you order any one of our glorious snowfakes. So get your snowfake today and share the message of hope and joy with another before it melts.

Disclaimer: The H20 purity of our Golden Snowfakes are not and can not be verified so eat at your own risk.