Frequently Asked Questions

Are these actual preserved snowflakes?
This is a preserved snow-fake.
Are they going to turn to water or something?
It’s a Gag-gift so you’ll have to do what 100’s of others have already done to find out…. buy one. 🙂
Are they a gag gift or an actual gift?
Both. A Gag-gift-gift and a very convincing one at that. Will sure to have everyone laughing hysterically.
Trying to place an order for a birthday present, will you ship to the uk ?
Yes, just contact us directly before ordering.
How long would it take to deliver to the UK?
Not sure, contact us with your ship to location and we’ll find out together.
Is it possible to see how it looks before i buy one or do I just see one from the example picture you have on the website?
You’re answer was better than mine 🙂
Do you accept any other payment besides PayPal?
Presently no, as PayPal seems to be the most secure solution online. We will be adding Google Checkout as a payment option any day now so check back soon.
Could I make it into a necklace?
I guess you could. Send us a picture to feature on our website if you actually manage this.

Questions gone unanswered, but still make us chuckle…

Hi! Would really love to have one:) do you guys do international shipping To Singapore? And how long can it last in 30 degree? If I put it in an ice box to transport, how long can it last?

hello – sounds actually very nice to have one of those pretty snowflakes in my ”igloo”

Im confused.. can you actually buy a snowflake?

Like how real are these fake snowflakes? lol could they really pass as a preserved snowflake to someone? you had to have seen the big bang theory episode right?

Hi I’m looking to buy a real snow flake for my partner and was wondering if it would last being on a plane for 24 hours? How does it keep it’s shape?

Are these really snowflakes, and do they stay preserved at normal room temp.

I’m a little confused. Your website indicates the snowflakes are “real” and 100% authentic. However, you website is and there are little comments poking fun. So which is it? Fake or real snowflake? Thanks!

What happens if your snowflake melts in shipping, do you get a new one?