Snowfakes are landing in homes across America





Snowfakes are landing in homes across America

Something is flaky about these diminutive snowfakes. Who is capable of plucking these delicate gems from the sky and preserving them? Why aren?t they melting long before they turn up in the perpetrator?s homes? Upon closer examination of these snowfakes, it appears they aren?t real. They?re FAKES!!!



Snowfakes? creators are a zany crew of artisans who are having fun with life and their new product. They have designed their (resin) Snowfakes after actual individual Snowflakes. They are going all out with this little deception and are touting them as 100% authentic on their website


?All of our snow flakes are harvested in mid-air by little elves in the North Pole. The snow flakes are then taken to our quality control and distribution center in Texas. Here everything from the snowflake?s color to it?s shape is inspected for quality. Rare yellow snowflakes are discarded immediately because we only sell snowflakes made from the purist H2O,? according to a delusional company representative.


This novel idea is reminiscent of the fun collectable toys of the mid 1980s and 1990s. Each SnowFake comes boxed with a certificate of authenticity (a la Cabbage Patch Kids with their birth certificates) and a magnifying glass.


The humourous nature of Snowfakes makes them perfect gag gifts or decorative items for the home. No matter how they are used , they are a guaranteed conversation starter or ice breaker.


Henry Flakes is the creative genius behind SnowFakes. The idea came to him as he sat on a park bench at a very low point in his life. It began to snow and a lovely delicate snowflake cascaded down from the heavens into the palm of his hand. For a moment his troubles melted away along with the snowflake.

?I want to bring the joy I felt to the world, says Flakes? By the way, we are not sure if his name is Flakes— it could be Fakes.


SnowFakes can be purchased for under $10 on h ttp://


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