Our Story

How it all began…

So there I was, my wife just left me, my dog just died, lost my job and I was without a penny to my name. I know that this sounds like a country song, but there I was, no hope, sitting on a park bench. Just when I was contemplating throwing in the towel, I saw it. Something glistening in the winter sky high above me. It was floating there, almost weightless, slowly descending upon me. Closer and closer it floated towards me, like a fall leaf falling from a tree. Not knowing at the time, my mind was instantly in a better place, leaving my worries and troubles behind. I was just so focused on this breathtaking delicate display that seemed to be in my honor only. Finally, it was just a few feet above me as it slowly descended into my hand. All I could do was stare, frozen in place, admiring this gift, this snowflake gift. For what seemed like seconds, it melted away right in my hand. I was alone again. My mind was on its way back to reality when it hit me, if one snowflake could take me away from my problems even for a moment, bringing with it a little hope and joy, then why not bring hope and joy to the whole world? And with that, I got the idea for Snow-Fakes.com. I’m still broke, and now living at the very same park homeless, but I feel rich from all the smiles that I get when giving away one of my real snowflakes.

Sincerely yours,

Henry Flakes

Henry Flakes, Founder

Summer of 1909 – Henry Flakes, President and CEO